25th November, 2019 | Queen Elizabeth II Centre
25th November, 2019 | Queen Elizabeth II Centre


Wow. What an event.

What struck me when walking into the conference centre, was the incredibly positive atmosphere. Here was an enormous room, FULL of professionals from different walks of life, all excited to learn more and do more in the mental health space. Very powerful!

As a wellbeing employee resource group leader in a financial institution, I particularly enjoyed attending panel discussions with other network leaders. Hearing about their successes, failures and how to make a real, lasting impact in a company was invaluable. If anything, it also gave me confidence that we were on the right track and to keep going.

The conference allowed plenty of time to network which was great. Often mental health events are limited to a particular industry so it was very refreshing to meet and share insights with people across many different sectors.

Zoe, Neil, Jonnie and their team did an amazing job and I would definitely encourage businesses and individuals to attend tin 2019. We have so much to learn about mental health from each other and if the conference taught me one thing – it’s that collectively we can, and are, making a difference!

Lauren Burgess, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager- Education, Deutsche Bank