Vinay Kapoor MBA

Vinay Kapoor MBA

Americas Head of Diversity & Inclusion
BNP Paribas


Until August 2017, Vinay was the UK Territory Head of Diversity & Inclusion – a role occupied since 2013.

Vinay was responsible for the leadership, development, and implementation of the Diversity & Inclusion strategy across the BNP Paribas UK Territory (all business lines). This included crafting a commercial governance structure (including the formation of a new Diversity Council); developing initiatives to support competitive positioning; regulatory and legal compliance and working with external partners.

Vinay has developed a deep passion for enabling business to be more inclusive in the way they work with customers and their people. Vinay is known for providing a pragmatic and engaging narrative which has inspired action for both leaders and employees in BNP Paribas.

Don’t miss Vinay’s session on:
Mental health in the LGBT & BAME communities

Session timings to be announced.