Marcus Gardiner

Marcus Gardiner

2018 Research Fellow - Winston Churchill Memorial Trust:
Digital Solutions for Mental Healthcare
Independent Technology Expert (Softwire)


Through 3 years of top performance and an early promotion as a management consultant at Deloitte, Marcus concealed worsening anxiety. As he came to understand what mental health was, digital mental healthcare solutions were essential in taking the action he needed to return to being his best self.

Compelled by this lived experience and his work as a software developer at Softwire, Marcus has built a unique expertise in workplace digital mental healthcare through a global research fellowship with the Winston Churchill Trust.

His work brings together a vital range of expertise from over 40 global thought-leaders in digital mental healthcare, including Clinical Researchers (e.g. UCSF, Stanford Brainstorm – San Fransisco), Mental Health Bodies (e.g. Mind, Mental Health Foundation – UK) and Digital Mental Health Technology founders (e.g. X2AI – San Fransisco, SilverCloud – Boston).

Marcus believes that if UK businesses are empowered to invest responsibly in digital mental healthcare, there is the potential for a broad, positive impact on individual and population mental health.