25th November, 2019 | Queen Elizabeth II Centre
25th November, 2019 | Queen Elizabeth II Centre

Mandy Saligari


Addiction, Parenting
& Relationship Expert
Founder & Clinical Director
Charter Harley Street


MSc MBACP (Reg) SMMGP NCAC (accred)

Mandy Saligari is the founder and Clinical Director of Charter Harley Street, which was set up in 2008. Using her pioneering model of care to break the mould in addiction treatment, Charter has earned itself a solid reputation for clinical excellence and sustained recovery outcomes successfully treating addiction solely in an outpatient setting.

Having come into recovery herself in 1990, Mandy combines her personal and clinical experience as a highly respected and established clinician – passionate about helping people live healthy, happy, addiction free lives and raising awareness around the profound value of self-esteem. Mandy’s current clinical practice comprises group work, couples’ work, family work, and individual work.

Mandy has worked with countless executives from the city over the years, and has been told many times that the challenge is to treat the negative aspects of addiction but not the passion, the drive: the instinct for the job. Mandy’s experience is that, handled properly, the qualities that can cause an addict to suffer can also work to their advantage. But it takes self-confidence, self-respect and self-discipline not to work to burnout, not to over achieve into a narcissistic overdrive not to over give to the point of resentment and the first step is to break the denial.

Mandy is a regular contributor to press and television with her flagship Channel 5 programme ‘In Therapy’ now in its 3rd series. Mandy’s enthusiasm is infectious as she dispels the myths surrounding addiction and in her commitment to public speaking and in schools on early intervention, addiction, emotional coping mechanisms and self-esteem.

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The last stigma in the workplace – mental health and addiction

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