Created by S.I.D.E Projects, in collaboration with King’s College London, Headtrip is an immersive 3D audio journey into depression, based on nine people’s lived experience.


If someone is struggling with their mental health, it can be hard for them to express what’s going on. It can also be hard, as a friend or colleague, to know what to do to help.

Headtrip looks to close this gap. By collaboratively capturing and sharing lived experiences, we aim to change attitudes and behaviours, build empathy and reduce the stigma that surrounds mental illness.

In this session you will get to listen to Headtrip, then join in a reflective discussion to explore how mental illness effects the  workplace and how immersive experiences like Headtrip could help build understanding between colleagues and complement mental health training.

  • Listen to an immersive 3D audio journey of depression

  • Discuss and reflect on how a mental health condition like depression might effect the work place

  • Explore how immersive audio might build empathy, understanding and complement training in your organisation.