Dr Stuart Hill

Dr Stuart Hill

LNG CoMAH & Assurance Manager
National Grid Grain LNG


Stuart is the CoMAH & Assurance Manager at National Grid’s Grain LNG Importation Terminal in Kent. He leads the Grain LNG safety, environmental, health & wellbeing, quality, compliance, competency and assurance delivery practices and ensures that the business is operating within appropriate industry best practice. He also has a keen interest in human factors and human behaviour.

Stuart gained his PhD in Chemistry at Imperial College, London before joining British Gas at its then new research centre in Loughborough. He has been involved in the gas industry for 25 years and has been involved in changing the odorant mixture that is added to natural gas to ensure leaks are detected in both the UK and Brazil and involved him having a “calibrated nose”. He has worked at the LNG terminal for 12 years, firstly in the area of gas quality and energy, before moving to his present role.

Stuart has been married to Ione, a psychologist, for 15 years and she works for the mental health charity, Rethink, a partner involved in the “Time to Change” Campaign. Outside of work he has a diploma in horticulture and is also interested in theatre, sport, films, eating out and travelling.