25th November, 2019 | Queen Elizabeth II Centre
25th November, 2019 | Queen Elizabeth II Centre

Pam Quinn and Vannessa Young of BIBA on TCH 2018

Pam Quinn, Head of Communications and Vannessa Young, Corporate Social Responsibility Lead, both at BIBA, spoke to Team TCH about their commitment to improving the wellbeing of their workforce and the impact that This Can Happen 2018 had on their strategies.

“BIBA represents general insurance brokers in a sector that employs more than 100,000 people and which places great importance on the relationships they build with their clients. In our 2019 manifesto we committed to highlighting opportunities for improving mental wellbeing. We also called on organisations in our sector to create a culture of openness around workplace mental health and wellbeing. We attended This Can Happen 2018 and came away from a great event buzzing with ideas about how to drive our commitments forward. That is why we’re delighted to support This Can Happen again and will do whatever we can to help make the 2019 event an even bigger success than the first, if that’s possible.”

Pam Quinn, BIBA Head of Communications and Vannessa Young, BIBA Corporate Social Responsibility Lead

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