25th November, 2019 | Queen Elizabeth II Centre
25th November, 2019 | Queen Elizabeth II Centre


This year’s Agenda will address key issues around workplace mental health offering practical solutions and insights for every delegate.

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Start time End time Main stage Stage 2 Stage 3 Experiential 1 Experiential 2
8:15 9:10 Registration        
9:10 9:20 Welcome to This Can Happen        
9:20 10:00 Addressing Mental Health at Boardroom Level – The CEO’s Speak        
Hear from 5 progressive Chief Execs on why they’ve made mental health a top priority in their organisations        
10:05 10:35 TCH Research Insight        
Mental health – what tomorrow’s workforce expects        
10:35 11:00 This Can Happen Awards 2019        
Sharing best practice from the judges and winners        
11:00 11:30


11:35 12:15 How an Industry Has Come Together to Address Mental Health Faith, Diversity, and Mental Health Starting Your Workplace Mental Health Journey A mile in my shoes Yoga in the boardroom
Bringing together three of the major retailers in the UK for an honest discussion on how the sector is joining forces to address solutions for improving staff mental health How companies are taking faith and diversity into consideration in order to build inclusive mental health support strategies An interactive session offering tested solutions to kick-start a mentally healthy workplace    
12:25 13:05 The Power of Mental Health Champions, Advocates & Ambassadors A Deeper Understanding of Suicide Lessons from the Legal Profession A mile in my shoes People Matters
How to maximise these critical voluntary players to strengthen your mental health strategy.

Hear three personal experiences: from a father, a business partner and a doctor.

All of whom are leading successful missions to educate about suicide prevention in workplaces through their own stories of loss.

For this high-performance profession, there are many challenges firms face in terms of getting staff mental health support right. Learn from these firms pioneering innovative support strategies on what success can look like    
13:05 13:50


13:50 14:30 The Importance of Internal Communication Campaigns in a Successful Mental Health Strategy How to Support Positive Behaviour Change First-hand Experiences of Addiction A mile in my shoes Shine Offline
What images, wording, branding are companies using to address mental health. See examples of successful case studies Having mental health support in place for staff is critical but it is equally important for organisations to develop and integrate appropriately supportive behaviours into workplace systems and culture. Following on from the overwhelming response to our session on this topic at TCH 2018, we’re looking at addiction again but from a lived experience point of view. Hear from two former addicts alongside an addiction specialist on how workplaces can be equipped to support staff living through this.    
14:40 15:20 Keeping Momentum Going: Maintaining Engagement and Impact Money Matters: Personal Finances and Mental Health at Work Understanding Grief A mile in my shoes Shine Offline
Getting started on the journey is half the battle. Once your strategy is in effect, how do you maintain engagement and ensure long-term impact? Hear both the employee and employer perspective on the significance of this topic in building a mentally healthy workplace. Grief is a complex experience which doesn’t discriminate and many of us will face. Learn how to build grief support into your organisational wellbeing strategy    
15:20 15:50


15:50 16:30 Your Mental Health Strategy: The Importance of Impact Measurement Navigating the Growing Marketplace – Finding the Right Mental Health Solutions for Your Workplace Understanding the Impacts of Post Natal Depression A mile in my shoes Yoga in the boadroom
Ticking the boxes is not always enough. To become a mentally well workplace, it’s essential to invest in measurement mechanisms to ensure that colleagues are truly benefitting. Learn the most effective tools for measurement. The market is being bombarded with providers, apps, wearables, trainers – how do you sort through the options to decide what’s right for Recognising the signs and successful strategies to support both mothers and fathers across your workforce.    
16:35 17:05 The Future Workplace        
Agile working, remote working, automation: the traditional idea of a workplace is evolving. What implications will this have on mental health of staff. How can support be adjusted?        
17:10 17:40

Keynote Speaker

Nadiya Hussain, Presenter and Author

17:40 17:50 Closing Note from This Can Happen        

Experiential sessions will be running throughout the day.

Please note this agenda is subject to change.