25th November, 2019 | Queen Elizabeth II Centre
25th November, 2019 | Queen Elizabeth II Centre


This year’s Agenda will address key issues around workplace mental health offering practical solutions and insights for every delegate.

Topics to be addressed include

The Future Workplace

Agile/flexible/virtual working, in what ways can this impact on the mental health of staff and how can employers design mental health strategies that effectively support staff in future workplaces?

Life Transitions & Work

What impact can those key times in a career have on an individual’s mental health, such as returning to work after a baby all the way through to retirement.

Post Natal Depression

Recognising the signs and successful strategies to support your employees.

Internal Comms

What images, wording, branding are companies using to address mental health – see examples of successful case studies.


Grief is a complex experience which doesn’t discriminate and many of us will face. Learn how to build grief support into your organisational wellbeing strategy.

Faith & Diversity

How companies are taking faith and diversity into consideration in order to build inclusive mental health support strategies.

Plus new panels for 2019:

The CEO Panel

Why CEO’s are making mental health a priority in their workplace

The Tech Panel

How to choose and integrate the right technology into your mental health strategy


TCH 2018 delegates invited back on stage to share their stories of implementation and how they measured the success