25th November, 2019 | Queen Elizabeth II Centre
25th November, 2019 | Queen Elizabeth II Centre
Dr. Ellie Cannon

Everyone has a rough day at work. Or a rough week. But when the rough days roll into each other and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, rough can turn really, really tough. We may consider our colleagues as friends, but it’s difficult to speak out about our innermost feelings. There’s a prevalent ‘just get on with it’ attitude in the corporate world, and we all want to conform, even if deep down we feel that we’re losing control.

GP, author, mum of 2 and broadcaster Dr. Ellie Cannon has been hearing worrying stories such as these for over a decade. Her experience in helping those amongst us who are suffering is invaluable to us at TCH. We are so thrilled that Ellie is confirmed as a speaker at our conference in November. She will deliver a unique insight into mental health in the workplace alongside clear strategies for supporting those around us in the office who may be facing such challenges. Her second book Is Your Job Making You Ill? is the culmination of a decade of seeing and treating work-related mental health issues faced by her patients.

Resident GP for the Mail on Sunday and Mail Online, as well as Sky News’ on-screen GP, Ellie’s face is as recognisable as her dulcet tones and reassuring expertise. She is also the voice of LBC Radio’s Health Hour and regularly speaks to tens of thousands of listeners and viewers about some of the most common health and wellbeing issues faced by Brits.

We spoke to Ellie about her motivation for coming on board Team TCH.

“For me TCH is taking the awareness forward and giving people the tools to improve mental health in the workplace, both as employers and employees,” she said.

I have seen over the last decade looking after patients in this situation, that people are desperate for ways to help themselves or may not realise how much their employer can help them: through social support, through conversations with colleagues and through better working strategies. These are easy to implement and reap tangible benefits. TCH is providing an essential opportunity to educate and enlighten companies, for the good of everyone’s mental health. I am delighted to be a part of it.”

Ellie’s extensive experience of work-related mental health problems gives her a powerful voice and will make her an invaluable presence at TCH. She sees her book as a self-help manual for sufferers and hopes to bring the research she conducted and conclusions she reached to our corporate delegations. Her aim as a TCH speaker, is to allow people to carry on working through mental illness challenges and to not only survive in the office but to thrive.

Ellie also works on campaigns for Public Health England and advocates for charities Meningitis Now and Pancreatic Cancer Action. She has given evidence to two All Party Parliamentary Groups on body image as well as women’s health.

Find Ellie on Twitter @DR_ELLIE