Stress Awareness Month

Google ‘awareness month’ and you’ll find that any number of objects, conditions and emotions have a full 30, or 31 days designated as theirs alone. And why not? Everyone and everything is special and deserves to be centre stage for a time. There’s even a National Garlic Day, Save the Elephant Day and Wear Your...
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Dr. Ellie Cannon

Dr. Ellie Cannon to Speak at TCH

Everyone has a rough day at work. Or a rough week. But when the rough days roll into each other and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, rough can turn really, really tough. We may consider our colleagues as friends, but it’s difficult to speak out about our innermost feelings. There’s a...
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Sarah Boddey

Confirmed TCH Speaker – Sarah Boddey

As the big day approaches, Team TCH is focussed on ensuring that the content of the conference will be fascinating, ground-breaking and engaging. In order to do this we are seeking out some of the world’s most exceptional people, experts in their fields, to speak to our delegates about identifying mental health problems in the...
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Jonny Benjamin MBE TCH

Jonny Benjamin – Why TCH had to Happen

It’s here! The blog you’ve all been waiting for – a Q&A with our inspirational co-founder Jonny Benjamin MBE, whose journey from severe struggles with depression to becoming one of the UK’s leading mental health activists, has hit the headlines and played a game-changing role in the world of corporate wellbeing. Alongside Neil Laybourn, Jonny...
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A fly on the wall at TCH’s AEB

Let me set the scene. A smart West End office, frothy cappuccinos served in elegant Villeroy & Boch New Wave. This is not our usual team rendezvous. It’s a very special occasion – the second This Can Happen Advisory Editorial Board meeting! Why so posh, you may ask? It was all thanks to the wonderful...
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Mini Productions Presents…….TCH the Movie!

Watch our brilliant film about This Can Happen, and read ahead to find out about the day we spent filming with the talented ladies of Mini Productions. April Kelley and Sara Huxley were students at drama school. When the teacher asked ‘What will you do to support your acting career that’s not soul destroying?’ April...
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Dr Aric Sigman Speaks to TCH About Children’s Mental Health

Dr. Aric Sigman is a child health education lecturer and author of a number of books including Alcohol Nation, The Body Wars and The Spoilt Generation. He consults for parliamentary working groups, speaks at international conferences and is frequently invited to offer his opinion on the mental health of children on TV and radio and...
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Jonny & Neil at the Royal Bank of Canada

One bleak day in 2008 Jonny Benjamin could never have imagined that his future would hold such bright prospects. Standing on the edge of Waterloo Bridge contemplating taking his life, the landscape he saw in front of him was terrifying. When Neil Laybourn walked past and stopped to talk him down he also never imagined...
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TCH Joins with Bright Horizons to Cover Childcare on the Day

It’s us again – Zoe, Neil and Jonny – and we’re gearing up for This Can Happen at a cracking pace. Booking speakers, researching content and keeping our finger on the social media pulse is taking up most of our time at the moment but the most important job on our plate is making sure...
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