Care For Yourself By Caring For Others

An annual survey of carers has just stated that 72% of carers report mental ill health as a result of caring – higher than the impact on their physical health. Lorna Easterbrook supports the carers amongst us – those selfless people who are responsible for providing or arranging care for a friend or relative who...
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The Surprising Benefits of Volunteering

The TCH team is always on the lookout for innovative ways to improve mental health in the workplace. We were struck by the fairly new and incredibly exciting programme that has been adopted by a number of businesses in the UK called ‘Volunteering Leave’. In 2016 the Government announced 3 days of paid volunteering leave...
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Coming Soon – Mental Health First-Aiders & ‘Address Your Stress’ Toolkit

There seems to be a special day or week for everything these days. It’s easy to let them pass us by and dismiss them as something only to be recognised if we’re directly affected by the subject matter. And then Mental Health Awareness Week came along. Don’t stop reading. Even if you have not faced...
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How we’re improving mental health at Direct Line Group – Simon Linares

We are all individual and unique, but something we have in common is how important our wellbeing is to our health, happiness and ability to do our jobs successfully. Mental Health is at the heart of our Wellbeing Strategy and we are delighted to be partnering with This Can Happen so that mental health continues...
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May Speakers – Confirmed!

There are many aspects of TCH that make it special and significant – if we may say so ourselves. But the one feature of the conference that excites us the most is the array of fascinating speakers that will expound their wisdom on mental health to our delegates. It’s been thrilling to meet each and...
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Dr. Ellie Cannon

Dr. Ellie Cannon to Speak at TCH

Everyone has a rough day at work. Or a rough week. But when the rough days roll into each other and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, rough can turn really, really tough. We may consider our colleagues as friends, but it’s difficult to speak out about our innermost feelings. There’s a...
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Sarah Boddey

Confirmed TCH Speaker – Sarah Boddey

As the big day approaches, Team TCH is focussed on ensuring that the content of the conference will be fascinating, ground-breaking and engaging. In order to do this we are seeking out some of the world’s most exceptional people, experts in their fields, to speak to our delegates about identifying mental health problems in the...
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Jonny Benjamin MBE TCH

Jonny Benjamin – Why TCH had to Happen

It’s here! The blog you’ve all been waiting for – a Q&A with our inspirational co-founder Jonny Benjamin MBE, whose journey from severe struggles with depression to becoming one of the UK’s leading mental health activists, has hit the headlines and played a game-changing role in the world of corporate wellbeing. Alongside Neil Laybourn, Jonny...
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A fly on the wall at TCH’s AEB

Let me set the scene. A smart West End office, frothy cappuccinos served in elegant Villeroy & Boch New Wave. This is not our usual team rendezvous. It’s a very special occasion – the second This Can Happen Advisory Editorial Board meeting! Why so posh, you may ask? It was all thanks to the wonderful...
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